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ODF Kid: Will Asbell

Species: Blacktail Deer

Location: Oregon

The hunting trip went great. Will got a black tail deer. The trip was well planned and Northwest Dream Hunts was awesome!

We met great friends that hold a special place in our hearts. I would not change anything about this trip. 🙂

The next ODF child will have a blast and a hunt of a life time. The food, friends and everyone that helped plan the trip can never be thanked enough. We truly miss everyone and thank you for everything too.

ODF Kid: Jason Calhoun

Species: Elk & Deer

Location: Montana

Jason had a great hunt!

Everything was well planned and organized. The hunting was great and much easier than some of the other hunts he has been on.

Weather was great. Everyone was so nice and helpful. Good time all around.

I can’t think of anything that did not go well or would need to change for the next kids that go out.

Thanks so much for planning this. I know it takes a lot of effort on everyone’s part to make something like this come together but everything went really smooth for us.

Thanks again,
Shane Calhoun

ODF Kid: Duncan Cumby

Species: Elk

Location: Wyoming

The hunt was absolutely amazing!!!! An absolute dream come true for both of us.

As with all hunting situations, we had to go to a plan B and Plan C to get Duncan on an elk. But plan C could not have worked out any better. It went PERFECTLY!

I would imagine there is a little bit of anxiety from ODF when they “sub-contract” to another organization and let them take the reins on an ODF hunt. Polestar Outdoors could not have done a better job. From their professionalism, knowledge, love and appropriate amount of harassment and inclusion, they were amazing in every aspect.

Gary Baughman from The Best of The West and Joel Proffit from Polestar are some of the most amazing examples of good Christian men with a love for the outdoors, helping others and their faith that we have encountered.

ODF has made a huge impact in Duncan’s life, and has given us memories and experiences that will last our lifetime. Most people don’t understand the struggles that we have pulling off a successful hunt and because of organizations like yours, you are changing lives for the better and we are extremely grateful.

I have been asked to speak at the local Rotary Club about our hunt and The Outdoor Dream Foundation. I am looking forward to bragging on Duncan, Polestar and ODF!

From the bottom of my heart I want to thank you and everyone that was involved in making this dream come true for Duncan.

Casey Cumby

ODF Kid: Zack Fry

Species: Pronghorn

Location: Wyoming

Thanks for everything!

Everything went great. Zack got his antelope on the first day hunting, after about three hours of stalking.

The Kessels took us sight-seeing on Sunday and it was awesome. 😀

ODF Kid: Tyson Hendrix

Host: Dickert Group

Species: Pronghorn

Location: Colorado

Tyson had a wonderful time on the hunt. He was thrilled with the guide and all his efforts to make sure they got a “good one.” We are very appreciative of the hospitality that was shown.

He was successful in harvesting a big antelope buck, we spent a couple days sightseeing Colorado after he finished his hunt.

Keep doing what you’re doing!

Gina Franks Thornton (mom)

ODF Kid: Lee McClain

Species: Pronghorn & Mulies

Location: Wyoming

The hunt was wonderful!

All aspects of the experience went great. Food, accommodations, atmosphere.

The Hagen family knew how to accommodate a child that could not walk. Duane made the hunt fun for Lee. Ken Hagen brought a gun that made Lee confident in shooting at long range. This recognition is what made the hunt fabulous. Sheila made dinner fun and the food was great.

This is a wonderful ranch! Hope that we can meet the Hagens again real soon.

ODF Kid: Owen Moffit

Species: Pronghorn

Location: Wyoming

We had the best trip ever!

We were welcomed by Jeff, Deb and our guide Kenny when we got to Seven J. They were very helpful and told us everything we needed to do.

We got the nicest and best guide to help Owen get an opportunity at an antelope. We were successful on the very first morning, so the next day Deb told us some attractions we should go visit.

This trip allowed Owen and I to spend time together, and meet some very nice people.

Steve Moffit

ODF Kid: Teddy Muir

Species: Elk

Location: Oregon

Everything went very well, as usual! Thank you for all your help, Doug. Teddy said it was perfect! He loved it all.

Josh Corder

Christine Muir

ODF Kid: Joshua Riddle

Species: Pronghorn

Location: Wyoming

Joshua Riddle got his Wyoming antelope— and what a fine Animal it is!!! Blessings!!


ODF Kid: Trenton Rush

Species: Pronghorn

Location: Wyoming

We had a great time! Everything was awesome.

It was a great rifle and we were so blessed by the whole situation. Tom and Teri were great. They took real good care of us.

God Bless everyone involved in this organization. Thank you all so much!

Eric and Trenton Rush

ODF Kid: Emily Ferguson

Species: Elk

Location: Wyoming

I absolutely loved the hunt! I can’t think of a single negative thing. I genuinely believe it was the best trip I’ve been on in a long time. The people, the food, and the ranch itself were all fantastic. I am going to remember this hunt for a very long time.

Thank you,
Emily Ferguson

ODF Kid: Eason Peterson

Species: Mule Deer

Location: Wyoming

Ron, the hunt went really well! Eason loved every moment of it.

He said he wouldn’t have changed anything. Eason said everything went great and was well organized.

We got everything on time and had plenty of time to hunt for his antelope and buck.

Thanks so much for this opportunity for him.

Joanna and Eason

ODF Kid: Leeann Smith

Species: Pronghorn

Location: Wyoming

Everything went great! We really appreciate you taking care of all the travel arrangements and the motel.

We landed in Billings, Montana so we got to drive and see some of the beautiful country. It was convenient for us that they had loaner guns to use so we didn’t have to worry about taking Leeann’s gun.

Everyone there was very friendly and the food was delicious. I thought everything went very well on our trip.

I know Leeann enjoyed it, because she was wanting to stay longer and was talking about wanting to move there!

Thanks again for everything. I just can’t express enough how much we are thankful for everything ODF has done for us on this trip, as well as the other hunts.

ODF Kid: Laikin Gonsalves

Species: Pronghorn/Whitetail

Location: Wyoming

The hunt went well. Laikin was super excited!

I do not believe there is anything that could be changed.

Everything was great. It was a FANTASTIC experience for him!

I am forever grateful to the ODF. Thanks again.

Nichole Gonsalves

ODF Kid: Bycen Fuhrman

Species: Elk

Location: Montana

I want to thank you again for everything you did to get us set up and out to Montana.

Brycen tagged out there, getting his bull Elk on Tuesday, and a Whitetail Thursday morning. It was an absolute blast, and a week I hope neither of us never forget.

Randy Fuhrman

ODF Kid: Austin Weatherford

Species: Whitetail

Location: Wyoming

Thank you !!!!

Everything was amazing. Austin talks daily about our trip.

This being our first flight, we were a little nervous. The travel agency that booked the flight was very helpful and everything went off without a hitch, so it made it very enjoyable.

The camera man, Terry, was exceptionally nice and very professional at his craft. He went out of his way to make sure Austin’s hunt was as memorable and enjoyable as anticipated.

Seven J Outfitters rolled out the red carpet. Deb and Jeff were extremely nice and accommodating for all the things that we needed, with exceptional meals and excellent lodging.

I have no suggestions for improvement. I think it was as close to perfect as you can get.

I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity that you and your organization provided for Austin and I.

Once again, thanks so much. You guys are awesome !!!

Phillip Weatherford

ODF Kid: Jackson Gannon

Species: Elk

Location: Wyoming

It was an absolutely amazing experience!! Thank you for this opportunity!!

Jackson came back from the hunt looking more and more like himself!! His recovery has improved tremendously with the assistance of Outdoor Dream Foundation!!

We appreciate your Foundation!!


ODF Kid: Joshua Pflueger

Species: Mule Deer

Location: Wyoming

I want to thank everyone involved in Joshua’s hunt.

It was a great hunt and a blessing to be a part of all of this. Joshua was successful in harvesting a great antelope buck, and a good mule deer buck.

I appreciate all of you and thank you again.

Chris Pflueger

ODF Kid: Schyenne Tyler

Host: Limestone - David

Species: Mule Deer

Location: New Mexico

The hunt was a lifetime experience and Schyenne had an absolute blast!

The country was just beautiful and everything went really well. The cooks and the host did a tremendous job on the food and the hospitality was just amazing.

The guides were second to none. We had plenty of laughs and saw lots of wildlife. Schyenne was able to harvest a tremendous Mule deer and the guides did an awesome job with helping her, and giving her the opportunity to do so.

The ODF host Forrest Fox was a pleasure to be with and made sure that everything went smoothly.

Overall the trip was a huge success, not only for Schyenne but for myself also. Just to see the pure enjoyment and excitement on her face is something that I’ll never forget.

Thanks to all at ODF for all that they have done and continue to do, to make Schyenne’s dreams come true!

ODF Kid: Emma Brooks

Species: Mule Deer & Pronghorn

Location: Wyoming

The hunt was great. Emma loved it. It was a wonderful hunt. She got both animals. She loved working with Wesley.

Thank you again for all that yall do for these kids. I know Emma had a blast.

Thanks again,
Travis and Emma

ODF Kid: Jesse Dasinger

Outfitter/Host: Sandrini

Species: Elk & Deer

Location: Iowa

We can’t thank y’all enough! A great time, really great. Jesse ended up getting a deer on the afternoon of the first day, and an elk on the afternoon of the last day. It was quite an experience.

The Sandrini’s made us a casserole on the first night, and hosted a supper on the third, as well as taking us out on the last night we were there. They’re some of the best folks around. Dick Terry was a great guide, and never gave up tracking elk through the last day which proved successful. Jim assisted the whole time.

I can only hope that future hunters have successful medical treatments (#1), but I do wish upon each and everyone of them the smile I saw on Jesse’s face when he hit those animals.


ODF Kid: Blaine Morand

Species: Whitetail

Location: Wyoming

Everything went very well on our hunt, from the travel coordination, the communication from ODF, the hospitality of Seven J, to our terrific cameraman, Forest, and our skilled guide Kenny. Everything was top notch! Blain and I had a great time. It was a great experience for us both.

The weather didn’t go so well. Negative double digit degrees was not a nice welcome coming from the high 40’s! It also drove the deer out of the area which impacted our hunt. If you could chat with mother nature next time that would be great! Just kidding. 🙂 Weather is a part of any hunt, we hunt enough to know that, and how it can impact the animals. It didn’t negatively impact our experience or our great hunt, it’s all part of it.

Please let everyone know at ODF and Seven J, how impactful trips like these are to the kids AND their families. Seeing the smiles on our kids’ faces and the excitement they had, for us is priceless and something we don’t get to see too often due to the health struggles they face. This was an opportunity that humbled us, and an experience and memories we will never forget!

Thank you – Tammy

ODF Kid: Camden Robertson

Species: Whitetail

Location: Iowa

Everything was great with the outfitter and experience. Camden and I could not be more thrilled! It was awesome. Thanks to all of you for making Camden’s dream come true. This is his first deer ever! We had a really rough time in our Indiana season, so this definitely made up for it.

Thanks again,
Jeremy and Camden Robertson

ODF Kid: Braedon Mielke

Species: Whitetail

Location: Oklahoma

Braedon and I would like to thank the outfitter and The Outdoor Dream Foundation, and the sponsors that made this a true hunt of a lifetime for Braedon and I!!!!

Braedon’s hunt went absolutely awesome!!!

Greg and Darci were absolutely awesome!!! Hosts!!! Of The Best Free Range Hunt !!

Braedon was in heaven with joy on his hunt!!! Braedon was able to harvest a 13-point monster buck with a 19-inch inside spread!!!

The flights were great, the accommodations with Greg and Darci were awesome, and Darci’s cooking was awesome too!! There was no dull moment at all. The hunting arrangements worked great for Braedon – easy in and out – and lots of deer!!!!

Tim Mielke