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What’s the best way to research outfitters, guides and charter services?

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Since you’re here on the site, you’ve taken a great first step in finding a quality outfitter, guide or charter service to fulfill your hunting and fishing dreams. The ratings here are from actual clients who booked the same trip you’re considering. They’ve completed their surveys based on spending their own money and the level of service they received in return.

But should be only one arrow in your research quiver. You should check out prospective outfitters, guides and charter services via as many channels as you can.

For example, as you search this site and click on prospective operations, you’ll see some that have the North American Hunting Club or North American Fishing Club logo on their profile. These outfitters have the additional endorsement of these organizations. Same goes for the Quebec Outfitters Federation. Outfitters who are members of this organization have its logo on their profiles.

That’s an important question to ask any prospective hunting or fishing service provider: “Are you a member of your state or region outfitters/guides association?”

If they are not, you should ask, “Why?” and consider the answer carefully. While membership in these industry organizations usually isn’t mandatory, many fly by night operations don’t participate because they don’t want the scrutiny or commentary, or have to live up to the organization’s ethics and standards.

If your prospective outfitter is a member of the association, it’s a good sign, but leads to additional research. Go to the association’s web site and look around. Do they have a code of ethics? What additional services do they provide for you in researching the members of their organization? What requirements do they have of their member outfitters, guides and charters? All of these can be useful in helping you find the perfect operation to meet your needs and expectations.

Additionally, you can find a ton of great information on the association’s website about hunting, fishing and traveling within that state, province or country. The Quebec Outfitters Federation website is a great example. They have a tab in both the hunting and fishing sections labeled, “USEFUL INFORMATION” and they are jam-packed full of it! Pricing info, hunting and fishing zones, travel with firearms, transportation of meat and trophies, and a lot more. It’s all there!

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