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What kind of safety, first-aid training do the guides have?

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This is a question to ask your outfitter. Highly-respected, experienced, top-shelf operations likely have formal training in first aid and safety for their guides, or at least have a requirement of training for anyone they will hire. Often they have guides who are former military or police officers. These kinds of guides have excellent first-responder type training.

At the very least, the outfitter should require that guides carry complete first aid kits with them in the field. However, many don’t; so it’s always a smart move to bring your own.  A complete kit costs $50-$100 and doesn’t weigh very much.  Keep it in the bottom of your pack. Take it everywhere you go on the hunt. Chances are you’ll never have to use it, but you’ll be thrilled it’s there if you have to.

If you or anyone in your party have special health concerns, these should be disclosed and discussed with your outfitter when you are booking the hunt. High quality outfitting services will plan and make special accommodations for those with physical limitations and health concerns, but they can’t if you don’t tell them. Like everything else on your hunt, honesty is the best policy on both sides of the equation. Let me know these things up front, get the accommodations in writing, and use the outfitters reaction to judge their honesty as well.

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