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What are the most important questions to ask prospective outfitters?

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The most important topics to cover with any prospective outfitter is what the program is all about. The survey we send to hunters who actually used a specific outfitter is based on what we believe are the 10 most important aspects of quality hunting and fishing service.

While the survey is sent after an adventure has actually been booked and taken, the same points are the ones about which you should be sure to ask. And do not be satisfied or send deposit money until you get complete answers in writing or, better yet, in a contract.

So here are ten critical questions to ask:

1) How many hunters will be in camp and how many hunters are there per guide in the field?

2) How large an area is there for these hunters and guides to hunt?

3) What kind of accommodations will we be staying in (i.e. cabins, wall tents, spike tents, lodge, motels, etc.) and how far are they from the actual hunting/fishing area?

4) What kind of outfitter provided equipment will we be using (trucks, boats, ATVs, tackle, horses, tents, bunks, cooking ware, etc.) and what kind of condition is it in?

5) Will you, the outfitter, be in camp and in charge of the operation? If not, who and can we talk to him/her prior to the trip?

6) Who will be our guide and how experienced is he/she in this area and with the species we will be pursuing?

7)What are the CURRENT conditions of the game herd/populations in the area we will be hunting/fishing? What can impact this between now and the time of our trip? What are alternate plans if there’s a significant reduction in the number of game or fish?

8) What is the payment schedule as far as deposits, payment in full, and refunds, etc.? How and how often should we expect to hear from you between now and the trip?

9) Does this package include cooked meals, food we prepare ourselves, or are we responsible for our own food? If meals are provided, what’s a common week’s menu for the time we will be in  camp?

10) How long have you been in operation in this location/territory, and what percentage of your business is repeat customers vs new customers?

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