Individual donations

Your donations add up to great experiences for ODF kids. We appreciate every donation to our organization and pledge to make the most of every generous dollar.

Corporate donations

Event sponsorship

Contribution needs vary by event
Contact ODF for options

TV sponsorship

Full sponsorship for 26 weeks on Pursuit and Wild TV, $25,000
Contact ODF for a sponsorship option that meets your corporate goals

Gear and goods

Contribute equipment, supplies, and/or clothing for an ODF event or trip
Contact ODF to discuss what you can contribute and how it can be used


Outfitter/Guide/Charter donations

Professional guides often donate fishing and hunting trips for ODF youth or provide assistance with transportation, meals, etc. The opportunities are great and nothing you ever do will be more rewarding. It is important to remember that an ODF adventure is all about providing a rewarding and successful event for the kids. All you need is a big heart and access to land or water that would provide a high probability of success.

The ODF partners with ranches, camps, charter boats, guide services, celebrities, hunting and fishing clubs, plantations, state and federal agencies and many others that donate opportunities for our youth. ODF prides itself on stretching every donated dollar to the max while still giving each youth an outdoor adventure of a lifetime.

Contact ODF to discuss the details


Host an Event

Raffles, banquets, tournaments, and other events such as Golfing for Dreams, Fishing for Dreams, Running/Walking for Dreams and Shooting for Dreams.

To host an event, please contact the Outdoor Dream Foundation.